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If you find a bug or identify a missing feature in this Visual Studio extension, we'll be glad if you want to fix it yourself by providing a Pull Request.

To make it likely that we'll accept your changes to our source code, please do the following:
  • First discuss your plans with us by means of the Discussions page.
  • When we've found concensus about the fix or feature and its implementation, create a ticket. Please choose the right type of ticket ("Feature" vs. "Issue") and try to make the ticket title and description as specific as possible.
  • Create a fork, make the changes. Be sure to use the same tab settings (two spaces) and roughly the same coding style (braces, naming conventions, etc.) as in the rest of the code. When in doubt, please ask. Insert the license header in any new files, and don't reformat existing code (as this makes it harder to review the pull request).
  • Test the changes thoroughly, fixing any problems you identify.
  • Send us a pull request. We might then ask you to make additional changes to your fork before we can accept the request.

When we accept a pull request, we'll increase the extension's version number in the third place (e.g., from 1.3.0 to 1.3.1) and make an internal build that we'll use and test on our own for some time. For these internal versions, we'll not release an official, signed VSIX package, but you can build them yourself from the source code. Some time later (no promises about the time frame), we'll probably make an official, signed release that includes your changes, and publish it both on CodePlex and the Visual Studio Gallery.

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PetrAlexeev Dec 2, 2013 at 7:50 PM 
> Please choose the right type of ticket ("Feature" vs. "Issue")
Unfortunately I was not able to change the type of the work item #34 that I created from "Unassigned" to "Feature". Perhaps I do not have enough permissions.