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The License Header Manager extension can be configured by clicking Tools/Options/License Header Manager. Some advanced options are explained here.

Required Keywords

If a file starts with a comment, LHM interpretes it as an existing license header. As this might not always be the case, it's possible to specify keywords that tell LHM if a comment actually is a license header or not. If this option is enabled (which is the default setting), only comments containing at least one of the keywords will be removed.

Linked Commands

You can link the Add License Header command to other commands, so that it is automatically executed before or after them. Some useful combinations are After Edit.FormatDocument or Before File.SaveSelection.

Default Header

When you execute the "Add New License Header Definition File to Project" from the context menu of a project in the Solution Explorer, LHM will add a new .licenseheader file with sample license header configurations for different file types. The contents of this file can be edited from the settings dialog. See License Header Definitions about the file format.

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